Sunday, October 23, 2005

El Español es espíritu, el Ingles es material

El español es espíritu, el Ingles es material

By Federico Anaya Sánchez

English is matter, just matter—
Something that floats—
Invisible or visible, a tool—
Necessity of flesh and business,

A thought of clean tongues,
white language,
Teutonic speech.

Spanish is breath
and blood,
the face becoming the thought,
calling forth the hands
in particular tones.

It is a pilgrimage
Through all Latin countries
where lisps are beloved,
s’s, disavowed,
r’s, chameleons,
and everyone knows
how to roar.

In Spanish, kiss me
is one word. has a sea of meanings,
and you can feel heat
beating from the
o in sol.

And no one loves
Cars and houses—
only people,
their land and their God.


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